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Weakness.Fatique.Brain Fog, depression, stress, and more

B12 Injections

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Low B12 in a person can wreak havoc.  The most common symptoms of B12 deficiency are weakness, fatigue, brain fog, depression, stress, and more.  People with B12 deficiency often have pale or jaundiced skin.  A sensation of pins and needles has also been reported by people with severely low B12.  In extremely severe cases people can lose mobility and have negatively affected nervous systems.

Vitamin B12 is most effective when taken at regular intervals. For maximum effect, we administer B12 injections on a weekly basis.

  This highly successful national program is run in Louisville Kentucky by Dr. Matthew S. Shoen, MD; for the benefit of his clients who have a desire to lose weight, be healthy and feel better


Benefits of Lipotropic Injections:

Increase in metabolism to help you burn fat faster.
Boost in energy.
Increased thought process and mood.
Neutralizes toxins in the body to keep skin, hair, and nails strong.
Increased breakdown of fat in the body.
Minimizes unwanted water gain.
Helps suppress appetite.

As Low As

 $15 B12 | $25 Lipo

B12 Injections Doctor’s Diet Program provides high quality B12 injections from top rated compounding pharmacies located in the United States

Are Lipotropic Shots Right for Me?

Every individual has different needs and goals. Schedule your free consultation to find out if lipotropic injections would be beneficial for you. Lipotropic shots are not only effective for individuals who are losing weight but for anyone looking to maintain a healthy weight. Regular injections provide successful and natural weight loss by reducing excess fat in the body. For those looking to prevent weight gain, lipotropic shots can aid in weight maintenance and overall good health as well.

How Effective Are Lipotropic Injections for Weight Loss?

Lipotropic injections are a great aid in boosting your energy, increasing your metabolism and suppressing your appetite. Alone they can help you lose weight but you will see the best results when you combine these injections with a healthy weight loss program.


Improve Your Weight Loss, Energy, and Stamina B12 is an essential vitamin for energy, immunity, and muscle growth. If you’re like most Americans, you’ve tried everything to boost your energy levels such as increased caffeine or sleep. But you still feel drained. Low levels of vitamin B12 could be contributing to your fatigue. Getting regular B12 injections may be the ideal solution to boost your energy! If you’re following a strict diet program you may be at risk for a B-12 deficiency which may be characterized by fatigue, insomnia, depression, or even heart disease. Administered regularly, B-12 may accelerate weight loss by offering an energy boost that can promote physical activity and muscle strength. Call B12 NEAR ME to learn more about our Vitamin B12 injection program for increased energy and weight loss.

Are They Safe? Do They Hurt?

Lipotropic injections are a safe and effective way to boost weight loss or maintain a healthy weight. Not only will they contribute to the success of your weight loss plan, they’ll also give you a boost in energy. Like any injection, there is some discomfort during the injection but it is minimal.

Vitamin B12 Benefits:

• Increased energy and stamina • Healthier or improved immune systems • Improved sleep patterns • Reduced allergies • Reduced stress and depression • Improved moods • Less frequent and severe headaches

A “Booster Shot” of Energy

B12 is one of eight B vitamins that help convert carbohydrates so the body can use them as fuel or energy. And more energy leads to an improved lifestyle and can boost your weight loss. Since B12 is water-soluble, meaning your body easily pushes out any extra through urine once you’ve absorbed what you need, there is no concern of overdosing on B12. Adults over 50 and vegetarians are more likely to suffer from a B-12 deficiency, so B-12 injections may be ideal for older individuals trying to manage their health.

Why Choose Injectable B12?

B12 injections have been used for a long-time especially by many politicians and famous personalities. There are several reasons to get injections of B12 rather than take sublingual tablets such as: Injections contain 500 times more vitamin B12 than the recommended daily dosage. When injected, B12 is easily absorbed by the body and then utilized in the formation of red blood cells as well as aiding in the maintenance of a healthy nervous and cardiovascular system. The 3 major health benefits of vitamin B12 injections are an increase in energy, improved sleep patterns, and a feeling of alertness. Since injections are absorbed more easily you’ll be able to reap the health benefits faster. Gives an immediate boost for the immune system and quickly generates a positive mood and feeling of overall wellness.


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